Full-coloured design candles made of paraffin wax

Original designs carefully created with love during a precize hand made production

High quality paraffin wax, colours and natural professional perfumes are used wich assure the best quality of our design candles


The one and only, timeless Design Vases made of paraffin, hand made produced from the best quality ingredients

Each Design Vase becomes an extraordinary original piece of accessory for your home during

a careful hand made production


We also produce original design Wellness Bowls, Lanterns, Vases and Flowerpots made of paraffin wax produced of the best quality materials and accessorised with precious stones.

All products can be produced on order in any colour and style you like.





 Our whole life, we have been working among people and with people.

During this time, we have acknowledged that every person is different, likes different things, however, most of us truly desire peace and harmony, time to relax and to be surrounded by beautiful things which give us pleasure.

We aim to bring this harmony and beauty into peoples homes, into wellness centres, hotels, coffee shops, simply everywhere where people come to relax and where we all feel well.

Design candles which we produce are original, unique and imaginative. Each customer can choose from wide range of colours, sizes and forms which he prefers.

Our goal is to provide new inspiration to people, beautiful harmony and to fill their homes with Light.

NEFERTEM Team is committed to always keep growing and to keep improving ourselves in our work which we love and everything we do. Our wish is to bring warmth and peace into people's hearts.

And that is the purpose of our products ... come to see them to get inspired by original beauty.

Jitka and Vladislav

Who We Are

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About Us

 We are a small family and dynamic manufactory which is committed to fresh and inspiring design elements, and overall, completely unique manufacture of various products made from quality paraffin. When you think of paraffin in a standard way, only one option comes to mind and that's candle production, however, we have enhanced its purpose to a new level of possibilites. What can be created out of paraffin is our beautiful everyday mission and inspiration.

However, not every paraffin is the same. After a careful examination, we were able to identify the best quality paraffin wax with the best characteristics from which all our products are made.

There are many reasons for that, one of the most important points is quality of burning and a quality of production while creating various products shapes.


During production, we drawn our inspiration from nature which provides us truly the best guidance while mixing colours and its harmony and beauty leads us during the whole manufacture process. After all, beauty and harmony should always win over the monotone, fade and unified things.

Our company is still young but there is a great future. Our dear wish is to transfer this brightness, light and beautiful aroma into people's homes. That is why we have embraced our manufacture as an art and every product is always original and unique as we let our intuition to lead us and inspire us. There can never be two same products created as we are human beings, not machines.

We were very lucky in our life as we have met master in his field, Mr Gary Simmons, who has introduced us into secrets of original paraffin products. He is well admired expert in world wide measure and he is guarantor for our products quality. 

We truly appreciate your trust, may our products always bring you joy and light in your homes.

Jitka Brewczyńska and Vladislav Brewczyński

Nefertem Candles s.r.o.

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Jitka Brewczyńska - CEO, production manager, tel.: 777 437 734

Vladislav Brewczyński - CEO, production manager, tel.: 777 437 009


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